Since 1991, We have been creating beautiful homes.

Sta. Maria Dela Strada Realty & Development, Inc. also known as SMDS Realty . is a duly organized and registered Corporation under SEC Reg. No. 189969, founded on April 29, 1991 by a group of young and energetic professionals led by its Chairman and President RAYMUND ALEXANDER C. DIZON.

We started as an Economic Housing Developer. We wanted to offer an affordable housing projects to the marginalized sector of our society but with quality development. We wanted to provide housing projects that has value for money and projects we can be proud off.

Now we offer land developments.

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Mission & Vision

To create Real Estate developments with less impact on nature and the environment. Where families can enjoy the beauty of nature around them.

To help our customers find a  “way” to realize their dreams by caring for their best interests and providing them with the most professional, informative, and loyal services. Through our work and the services we offer, we will earn, deserve, and preserve the trust of our customers and develop long-term relationships with them so they, their families, the communities we live in and serve, and our investors will only get the best from us.

To provide members of the SMDS family unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional growth and develop our God Given talents so we may be able to serve and live the purpose that God has willed for all of us.

Core Values

  • We strive for excellence, to the highest standards possible
  • We value people and believe in treating everyone equally and with respect
  • We value accountability, honesty, and Integrity, doing what is right, fair, and ethical.
  • We communicate openly and honestly.
  • We embrace opportunities and encourage creativity and innovative approaches to our work.
  • we believe in work – life harmony a balance in family life and professional life that all quality in all aspects of our lives.
  • We believe in Professionalism and Professional Development as well as advancement in our talents and skills